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Phone:  (731)285-6712  Fax:  (731)286-6721

 Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M until 4:00 P.M.


Dr. Larry Lusk (731)285-6712
Superintendent Email Dr. Larry Lusk
Mrs. Angela Harrington (731)285-6712
Supervisor of Curriculum (K-5) Email Mrs. Angela Harrington
Mrs. Cheryl Mathis (731)285-6712
Supervisor of Curriculum (6-8) and Special Education Email Mrs. Cheryl Mathis
Mrs. Angie Stafford 731-285-6712
Supervisor of Curriculum (9-12) & Federal Projects Email Mrs. Angie Stafford
Mrs. Amy Hester (731)285-6712
Supervisor of School Nutrition, CTE Director Email Mrs. Amy Hester
Mrs. Stephanie Johnson (731)285-6712
Supervisor of Attendance and Pre-K Director Email Mrs. Stephanie  Johnson
Mr. Kenny Milan (731)285-6712
Technology Director Email Mr. Kenny Milan
Mrs. Jessica Roser (731)285-6712
Coordinated School Health Supervisor Email Mrs. Jessica Roser
Mr. Allen Cook 731-285-5852
Transportation Director Email Mr. Allen Cook
Mrs. Whitney Hill (731)285-6712
School Psychologist Email Mrs. Whitney Hill
Mr. Miles Holland 731-285-5852
Safety Director Email Mr. Miles Holland
Mr. John Monroe 731-286-6328
Maintenance Supervisor Email Mr. John Monroe
Mr. Preston Ozment
County Athletic Director Email Mr. Preston Ozment
Mrs. Elisha Childress (731)285-6712
Nursing Supervisor Email Mrs. Elisha Childress
Mrs. Marsha Neal (731)285-6712
Business Manager Email Mrs. Marsha Neal
Ms. Annette Parker-Mann (731)285-6712
Special Education & Human Resource Secretary Email Ms. Annette Parker-Mann
Mrs. Helen Pate (731)285-6712
Secretary to the Superintendent Email Mrs. Helen Pate
Mrs. Lisa Reynolds
Family Resource Director Email Mrs. Lisa Reynolds