Dyer County School System is committed to ensure all students have the opportunity to receive educational support and instruction. ESL students who require assistance and support receive such support through ESL teacher(s) within the district. ESL educators are state-licensed teachers who receive their ESL credentials through the state department of education.

An ESL teacher must be certified or have an endorsement and he/she must be fluent in all four domains of English (i.e., reading, writing, speaking, and listening). The scores on the Praxis test will be used as an evaluation tool.

An applicant’s reading fluency is evaluated during the interview process, as well as a writing sample to assess writing fluency. The listening and speaking fluency of an applicant is evaluated and documented during the interview process. Special attention will be given to listening mistakes, the ease of conversation, grammar and syntax errors during the interview.

Reading will be evaluated by assessing comprehension as part of the application process and college transcripts.

Although the duties of ESL teachers vary depending on the age of the students, and the type of students being taught, the goals are always the same: to ensure that ELLs are able to reach a proficient achievement level on state tests, succeed in English-led classrooms, and fully participate in society.

ESL teachers are recruited through local educational institutions, as well as through Dyer County School System website, as needed. The ratio is thirty-five ESL students to one ESL teacher. As the ESL population increases in Dyer County School System, qualified teachers will be increased to meet student needs, as well as increase in students being served.