NMS presents to South Africa

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, some Northview Middle School Presentation Academy students recorded their STEM presentation to be submitted to the Johannesburg, South Africa, Tech Conference on August 26th!!


The trip to Atlanta, GA, in March 2023, where our students presented at the National Science Teaching Association Science Conference, made this extraordinary opportunity possible when an official from South Africa saw our students present. Johannesburg, South Africa, is looking to implement STEM in its curriculum and hopes to use our program as a model for their program. They are holding a Teach Conference on August 26th, where our STEM Presentation will be shared with the Johannesburg officials.

Thank you to Northview Middle School faculty, staff, and students for their support and cooperation during this morning's recording, Alan Ingalls from The Attention Company for recording and editing their presentation, and Blair McDowell and Emily Young for assisting with mic changes, etc., for the production. Lastly, these students did AMAZING, per usual! We couldn't be more proud of our students at NMS!

"We are humbled and honored that our students were allowed to present to the Johannesburg, South Africa, officials at this conference, and we cannot wait to hear their feedback!" Mike French, NMS STEM & Presentation Academy Teacher