Ground Breakers Award

We are proud to announce Dyer County Schools has received the RTI2-A + RTI2-B District Model of Demonstration: 2022-2023 Groundbreakers Award! 

Tennessee Tiered Supports Center (TSC), along with the Tennessee Department of Education, is excited to announce that Dyer County Schools has received the RTI2-A + RTI2-B District Model of Demonstration: 2022-2023 Groundbreakers Award! 

The RTI2-A + RTI2-B Groundbreakers Award recognizes outstanding Tennessee school districts that have worked hard during the 2022-2023 school year to align their academic and non-academic tiered support systems in partnership with Tennessee TSC.

Tennessee TSC is a proud partner of school districts invested in the continuous improvement of Leadership, Data-Based Decision Making, Assessment, and Instruction and Intervention to support all students. As a recipient of the RTI2-A + RTI2-B Groundbreakers Award, Dyer County Schools is recognized for its initial actions, planning, decisions, and work that led to breaking new ground while aligning their tiered frameworks. Through self-assessment, action planning, and district-wide professional development, Dyer County Schools has demonstrated a commitment to RTI2-A + RTI2-B and creating meaningful change within the school district.   


Dyer County Schools is grateful to be receiving the inaugural  award!