Level 5 Schools

Recently, Dyer County School District administrators honored two county schools for achieving level 5 on TVAAS testing. Northview Middle School and Dyer County High School were named level 5 schools for the 2021-2022 school year.

The Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) measures the impact schools and teachers have on their student's academic progress. TVAAS is a powerful tool because it measures how much students grow in a year relative to other students across the state that took the same assessment that year.

TVAAS shines more light on student progress than solely considering their score on an end-of-year test. TVAAS allows educators to assess their students' growth or their progress relative to their peers across the state year to year. The test also measures their achievement or their proficiency score on the end-of-year assessment. Scores are reported on a 1-5 scale.

“I am incredibly proud of both Northview Middle School and Dyer County High School for achieving a Level 5 in the growth of our students,” stated Dyer County School Director Cheryl Mathis. “Not all students achieve at the same level, but we do believe that all students can show growth. Being a Level 5 school takes a tremendous amount of work from the students and the staff. Congratulations to both schools for the highest distinction that they have earned!”

“Dyer County High School strives for student growth and high academic achievement," stated Angie Stafford, Dyer County High School supervisor. “Our goal is that every student grows in all aspects of the whole student. This is accomplished through a positive learning culture which consists of a caring, safe environment with high expectations and opportunities for all. When you have a school with outstanding students who are surrounded by highly motivated educators, the environment encourages growth and success. We are so very proud of our Choctaws.”

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